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Jimmy J. Davies, President

The Anatomy of a Black Economic

I believe that as a people our first challenge was to come out of slavery. I believe that our second challenge was to obtain civil rights and obtain the right to vote. I believe that the remaining obstacle to true freedom is economic equality.

I have created a presentation that explains  what needs to be done to achieve true equality as a people, how to do it and when to do it. During the presentation I talk about key people and events of the past that have lead us to where we are today; from slavery, through the civil rights era and into the age of technology. After this thought provoking and eye opening presentation, you too will believe that we are in the midst of a Black economic movement.

Conducted by Jimmy J. Davies
Owner of Every.Black Family of Websites
Biography: Over 30 years of experience as an Entrepreneur,
Computer Instructor and FileMaker Database Developer

“Where there is change, there is opportunity. Since change is constant, there is always opportunity.” – Jimmy J. Davies

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