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August 2016 Announcements

August 4, 2016 – 50 Things Every Student Should Know
by James Humphries

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August 11, 2016 – Facebook Live, Fan Pages and Groups
by Alice Fuller

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August 18, 2016 – Utilizing Real Estate to Build Wealth and Transform Communities
by Dorian Carter

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August 24, 2016 – P’s and Q’s: Making An Informed Decision About College
by Dr. Bahby Banks

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July 2016 Announcements

July 2, 2016 – Speaker Invitation

July 5, 2016 – Meet the Experts
by Jimmy Davies

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July 11, 2016 – Every.Black Family Ambassadors

July 13, 2016 –  Essential Keys to World Class Customer Service
by Audrey J. Smith

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July 19, 2016 – Eating to Live for the Original Man and Woman by Joy Abdullah

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July 26, 2016 – How I Turned My Life Around, and Become a CEO/Founder of My Own Businesses

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Seeking Experts for EveryBlack Family Webinars

It’s Your Time to Shine

Beginning on Thursday, July 7, 2016, we will be conducting free live webinars on a wide variety of topics. They will be available to the general public. The purpose is to educate those in attendance while promoting the experts (you). To be one of my guest speakers for one of my webinars send the following information to

  • Your biography. Keep it brief.
  • A nice head shot photo of yourself.
  • A brief description of the topic you would like to cover.
  • Three dates over the next few months that you are available to be my guest for a Thursday night 8 PM webinar.